The Dos and Don’ts of Recruitment

How come some startups get recruitment spot on and others end up having a recruitment nightmare? A great deal of recruitment success is about knowing how to play the game. Here are our top 5 dos and our top 5 don’ts of successful recruitment.

The Dos of Recruitment

  1. Do measure stuff: In every other area of your business you use tech and data to get things right. This works because you’re gaining insight which feeds through to effective decisions. Recruitment is no different. Use some recruitment metrics and measure ROI just like you would do elsewhere.

  2. Do be honest: Both with yourself and with other people including candidates and anyone helping you out with your recruitment function. Be honest with yourself about what you really offer as an employer and what you actually need. Be honest with candidates and recruiters so that you get a perfect match.

  3. Do get a move on: It’s a tough reality but in recruitment: you snooze you lose. The best talent gets snapped up quickly, so be the one to snap it up. What’s more, the quicker you get your talent on board, the quicker they are working to drive your business and not your competitor’s.

  4. Do look for candidates in the right places: If you’re a tech start-up looking for the next programming whizz kid who also happens to be flexible and is great at problem solving, you’re not going to find them in a newspaper ad or perusing meaty articles on LinkedIn. You are going to find them hanging out on fast moving social media and YouTube, so use the right avenues.

  5. Do create an employer brand: Your employer brand is just as vital as your business brand. It says why you are the one to work for. If you want the next generation of talent then your employer brand needs to represent everything from your vibe to your sense of corporate social responsibility. These recruits aren’t just chasing a paycheck.

The Don’ts of Recruitment

  1. Don’t shut your ears: Recruitment is has the power to transform but not if you don’t listen to the experts and the candidates. Listen, and use what you hear.

  2. Don’t try to do it all yourself: It’s a dangerous game to put all hiring responsibility on one head. It lacks perspective and likely lacks overall vision. Recruitment requires a multi-dimensional approach. If you don’t have the resource in-house then get us on board.

  3. Don’t get stuck in a box: If you stick to a rigid process with your interview tick list questions, you’re not going to get the best. Instead, take a flexible approach to recruitment. This may mean interviewing over Skype, or it may mean giving a talk at your local college, or it may mean employing a remote worker.

  4. Don’t forget the legal stuff: In your bid to get the best talent through the door super-fast, don’t forget to cross your legal T’s. It’s dull, but it can become a nightmare. We can help you there.

  5. Don’t overlook potential: As you screen candidates, both at the resume and interview stage, you’re going to be focusing on proven performance. However, remember you’re a start-up. What you really need to identify is potential.


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